The newest addition to the fleet is the rugged and powerful Turbo Otter. This aircraft is powered by the super reliable Walter M601-E-11, free turbine  and is rated at 751 shaft hp.

With an average cruise speed of 135 mph on floats, and extra fuel capacity, this versatile aircraft is capable of an extended range of approximately 750 miles. Structural modifications also allow an increase in gross weight.

Other features of the Turbo Otter are:

  • Seats up to nine passengers... plus pilot. ( a good person to have along )

  • Large cargo door permits loading: 45 gal fuel drums, snowmobiles, quads, plywood, 16 ft. dimensional lumber, generators or.......well, you get the idea..

  • Transport Canada approved to carry one boat or two canoes externally with passengers on board.

  • Aircraft can be configured on floats, wheels or skis.



The DeHavilland Beaver is the workhorse of the north. With its payload capabilities and reliability record, it makes the ideal aircraft of choice for bush operations. With its Pratt & Whitney 450 horsepower Wasp Junior Engine, the Beaver has plenty of "get up and go" and can cruise at 110 mph.
Seats 6 or 4 with gear.
The Cessna-185 is perfect for two and a canoe with gear, or three with gear.
This aircraft is heading 140 miles up the Clearwater river to drop off a couple on their annual canoe trip.
The 185 has great range and cruises at 135 mph.
Not all Beavers have the same performance capabilities. Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) performance is everything to an aircraft. Notice the drooped wing tips and the wing fences on the main wings and tail plane. These features, along with the larger floats, allow this aircraft to operate into and out of many more places on rivers and small lakes
With long range tanks, we can get you anywhere in the north you want to go.

"Tying one on" means something entirely different up here.


Business as usual at the Buffalo Narrows base.

Whether you use the Turbo Otter, Beaver or Cessna 185, it's a good bet that if you have it, we can get it there..... safely.



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